January 12, 2018

10-minute Reflection

Bodbe Monastery, Signaghi, Georgia

Is it too late to reflect on the past year? I hope not because I am in the mood to reflect on the year that has been probably one of the best years living abroad and on my own. I usually have a 10-minute reflection on random days where I listen to relaxing music and doing nothing in particular except for mindful reflection. But this time, I wanted to write down my thoughts with the help of North Star Facilitators.

1. What are 7-10 moments/events that rise to the top from 2017?
  1. Opportunity to travel to four countries: Brunei, Singapore, Philippines and Georgia
  2. Living abroad means getting away with the people you have known and meeting new ones. Therefore catching up with old friends and family is difficult to achieve but this year, I believe I made a good time catching up with my loved ones and good friends this year.
  3. Braved myself to get out of the comfort zone by leaving my dear roommates who became my family for 2 years and moved into a new flat (a few steps away) to create a change in my daily routine. But it's nice to have a place to visit nearby!
  4. A few moments where life slapped me hard in the face to make me understand that life does not revolve around me (and this actually made me understand other people, too!)
  5. Come to think of it, I experienced snow for the first time that year! Although I did not manage to make my first snow man nor made myself a snow angel!
  6. Always trying to be better at work every day. I am always grateful for my colleagues who make the workplace a better place when the daily commute (especially during summer) is a challenge! 
  7. For my team and boss who believed in my skills and what I can offer to the team. For the moments I received countless "gold stars" from them. They always inspire me career-wise!
2. How would I describe the atmosphere or mood of 2017 for me?
It was a whirlwind for me - a share of happy and sad, easy and challenging, planned and spontaneous, determined and ambivalent, plain and mixed days and nights.

3. What from 2017 do I want to leverage for 2018?
Leverage my time to interact more, travel more, and learn more.

4. What and who do I need to engage with in the first quarter of 2018 to ensure a brilliant meaningful balanced year?
Nothing in particular but I think setting aside more time in interacting with friends or strangers instead of always on my phone. I really want to be aware of other people's time and to make the time more meaningful and full of context and not small talks.
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