December 16, 2017

Living with content, love and happiness

Five years ago today, I wrote something about Life being confusing all the time. I ended the blog with:
So don't question why life is confusing because it will always be confusing. Search questions, discover answers, and when you do things, do it because you love to. There will be a lot of choices in life but choose the ones that make you happy. After all, living life is living with content, love and happiness.
After five years, I must say, I think I have chosen to do the things I have done because they make me happy. If I look back to the last five years of my life, looking through the big steps I took - it was because I was searching for satisfaction which results to happiness (whatever it may be).

I might have clung onto things that satisfied (or still satisfies) me because it is the safest thing to do. Some people may think that being on the safe side is mediocrity but I think if you know that you are placing yourself where it can help you flourish in the long run and if it makes sense to you - then it should be fine. At 27, I realized that (in a deeper way, I guess) your actions need to speak louder than words. How cliche - but it's true. It's time to think it through before doing it and before even saying it (if it has to be said). We are all work-in-progress here. We like to enhance ourselves. We want to change our old habits even if old habits die hard. But if these habits don't make sense to you anymore, you have got to get rid of that thing gradually.

Honestly, I have been changing the way I react on things or make decisions. As I said, I want to think things through. Sometimes I think that I am obsessed by it - I hope it's just a phase to becoming older. I try to stay away from doing things just because but doing things with a purpose. I hope I am doing this right. They say that, if you want to know that something is right, then ask yourself if (doing) it makes you happy. I am not happy nor sad - but I am scared to do my own decisions at some point now. But that is the beauty of it - of getting older. You have got to do things on your own now. I think we just have to stick to one reason why we should do the things we want to do - because we want to live. By living the one life we have with content, love and happiness. 

And sometimes, it does not hurt to live a little! By that, I mean, make little adventures for your soul. Go travel, talk to people, create something new, ask silly questions, climb that mountain, cook something new, go there but with a purpose. Life always has its own reason but sometimes the reason only shows up once you have done something that scares you or new to you.

I shall say it again, there will be a lot of choices in life but choose the ones that make you happy. After all, living life is living with content, love and happiness.

December 8, 2017

Ice Breaker #14: What was the biggest surprise you ever had?

me at Dubai Butterfly Garden, December 2017

my cousins (Beau, Ate Evelyn), my sister (Ate Aking), and my sister's husband (Kuya Mel) at Dubai Butterfly Garden, December 2017

I think the biggest surprise I have ever had (so far) would be knowing that I will be leaving home in three weeks for the longest time. My sister have told me that they (she and her husband) got me a visa and ticket to fly with her to Dubai so I had around three weeks to prepare my things. It was such a big surprise for me even though I have wished that I could come with her months before she told me but the moment it was all set, everything was just sinking in. I had to leave all the people and my things behind and live somewhere. I would not say it is easy but knowing that I still have my family around to keep me sane, then I am good.
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