November 28, 2017

Ice Breaker #13: Are you an achiever? In what way?

Zero Gravity, Dubai, November 2017

This is a difficult question to answer with just a yes or a no. There are a couple of times that I have achieved something that are meaningful to me though they may be just a regular task for some. A couple of times I failed but did not stop until I got it right. A share of achievements with other people who share the same passion and goals as me (at school, mostly). And for sure there are times that I failed a hundred percent - did no even try harder. So, I ain't an achiever all the way but I do have some achievements through the years. Unfortunately, there's nothing geeky about them (Or so I thought, LOL). But those achievements, no matter how small they are or almost absolutely just nothing for some, are what made me who I am today. And so far, I think I am doing just right. =)
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