June 2, 2017

Fly On and some short but sweet memories

Just before this memory fades... I remember waking up to this song while flying from DXB to MNL last year. Looking through my window, it looked like the sun has risen somewhere in Asia. I think almost everyone were asleep in that flight including the little boy who was sitting beside me (who turned a year older the day we got on the plane). So this song has a bittersweet melody in it and knowing that it's just going to be a week short of a trip, you have the power to fill it will good memories as certain things just come and go (and it's okay). That trip was indeed short but filled with adventures mostly with only two amazing people and some good strangers. I will never regret buying that ticket and decided to fly out and spend time with AteAling and Kuya Clarence from Dubai to Manila to Tagaytay to Batangas and back (and talked about anything under the Supermoon! Including control towers, planes, and them good old days, etc)

Those days are now gone but the memories stay forever!

Good times~
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