March 26, 2017

Ice Breaker #12: What is your unusual hobby?

I can't quite pick which one of my hobbies is unusual though I would say making lists of almost about anything could be my best answer. I have a thing for papers and lists so these two would go very well together all the time!

I have a list for my weekend stuff, grocery, things I want to buy, places I want to go to, work lists, and there are lists within a list (within a list, rarely!). It just makes life easier for me. This morning, my friends felt very anxious about her day because she seems to have too many things to do in a short span of time so I told her to get a piece of paper and write everything down and then prioritize. 

Life is much better with a handy notebook as well. And those cute stationary for To-do lists would be the best gift I will ever receive! I have been eyeing one from Paper Chase. Hmmm!


  1. This makes me think. Really, what is my hobby now. Doesn't everyone love to watch movie, listen to music, and some addicted to books? Haa. I do make list of things too.

    1. I feel like the older I get, the more unusual hobbies I am so into. Like, doing groceries on Saturday mornings?! Hahaha would love to know what is in your list as well!


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