January 20, 2017

Things I am grateful for & Hello, 2017!

me at Dhayah Fort, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates 2016

How surprising I did not write anything about new year's and its goals. What a shame, right? I've done a lot of thinking and less writing. It's kind of a bad thing, isn't it? 

To make up for the times I wanted to write but choose not to (because I have other things to do which doesn't mean I have a life... just making up a reason right there!), I am finally sitting in the middle of the living room at eight thirty in the morning and forcing myself to write something. I have been wanting to write ten things I am grateful for but could not (again) find time to sit and think about it. However, I did write a similar list in my notebook but I ought not to re-write everything here. It's nice to try to recall what I wrote a few weeks ago and see if I still have the same things I am grateful for during the past few years of my life!

1. Family - well, always. I am grateful for the life I had from childhood up to now. My family is there through bad times and good times. We may be far apart from each other now, we are scattered in so many different places (countries!) but we still get in touch sometimes (thanks, fb). The important thing is to reach out to everyone else.

2. Friends back home - hello elementary, high school and college friends! Always grateful that all the groups of people I spent time with ever since I learned to mingle with other human beings. Those memories were unforgettable. Most are more on adventure, nature, music, arts and crafts, books, engineering (omg), writing letters, blogging, making videos, making mixtapes, etc. All those years are so precious to me! And I am glad I was all over the place. Who would have thought being all over doing random things would make sense to me at the age of 26?! 

3. Work - forever grateful for my colleagues who inspire me to work hard and build my career. I mean, it's great to be part of the travel and hospitality industry and communicate with professionals anywhere in the world! Also, if not because of work, I would not be able to drink coffee every single day (or twice!). You know what I mean ;)

4. Beautiful writings, melodies and both at the same time - who does not love a good piece of writing and beautiful melodies? Or patch both of them together? Ah, nirvana! I love that despite having my bad days, I have something to calm the sh*t out of me.

5. People who keeps me sane and Aurelien - do I sound like a helpless teenager who isn't ready to become a proper adult at 26 yet?! This list is crazy and so does life! Always grateful I have a couple of people who I can dwell on different random things, keep me sane and try to love meeee!

Cutting the list into half would be a great idea. So my list ends here. No need to put up the rest of the half because I know I would end up writing so many things that even myself at the age of 90 won't even continue to read although a part of me thinks I will regret doing so. Ha, it's okay. I am grateful for lots and lots of things and not just ten. And if I am not really that grateful enough then most probably I would not remember it in ten years time but I can't be bothered. Life is good with family, friends and some nice strangers. 

May you all have a great year ahead, internet! 

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