November 26, 2016

The Friday Currently Vol. 8

Cheers to 2016!

Listening - Coldplay. They are having their A Head Full of Dreams concert in the Philippines on April 2017 but sadly I won't be able to go. If only it will happen on the last week of April, when I am planning to visit again, I would have the chance to think about going.

Thinking - How fast 2016 went! Already a couple of weeks and it's another new year.

Loving - the fact that I am part of the Team of The Year in the company I am working for. It's such a big surprise and heartwarming that our colleagues have noticed our hard work! Thanks to my bosses for all the work given to me! Don't you just love having a sense of responsibility? I love it! Haha

Feeling - very satisfied with where I am now. It may not be very grand but I have managed to live on my own now. Good job, self. Thanks to my family for teaching my how to be on my own discreetly over the years. It works now. I get to pay my own bills. Ha!

2016 is ending very soon! Where did this year went?! I think this year has been so fast but I remember every bit of it. It's like eating a dozen of donuts so fast but enjoyed every bite! How fulfilling this year has been. Thanks to all people who took part of it - the excursions, flights, family, friends, colleagues, roommates. Thanks for a good 2016, everyone!

November 4, 2016

Naked Island, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Naked Island is the second island we visited during our Britania Island hopping! It's my favorite among the four islands! How amazing it is to be standing on a sandbar surrounded by the deep blue sea?!

There's nothing else to do here but to enjoy the moment! We made quite a few jumping here and there, swimming, group dancing for the drone!

It felt like we're in kindergarten again! 

I was not able to take photos with my camera. My brother covered everything with his drone but I don't have any access with the high-res images yet. These are just snippets from the video taken by a drone. What a lovely place!! :)

November 1, 2016

Life Lately | 5

Al Barsha 1 Lake, Dubai

The weather has settled down to getting colder now. I am looking forward to the winter months in Dubai. In addition to that, I am looking forward to my first solo travel in November. I am not really alone most of the time since I am meeting my sister in Manila however it will be my first time travelling from Dubai to Manila and vice versa! I am supposed to be travelling to Kuala Lumpur but thought I should give myself a good practice and settle to Manila where the place is a bit familiar although I have never been to the capital but somehow I am meeting someone I know! The point is to know how it is travelling in and out the airport all by myself then maybe next time I can go somewhere alone with more confidence.

My evenings are spent either around the lake or the gym. I am surprised that I can run longer now compared to those pre-summer nights. Now I am thinking if I should join a fun run or not. I know there is one in November. This I will have to check since November is a bit hectic for me -- I will be travelling for one week and I have one weekend to be spent with my colleagues for the year-end party. December would be nice. It should be! I can't wait for it.

2016 is almost ending. So far it has been nice. I got to see my family and friends back home. It was nice and perfect! It's sooooo great to be alive right here, right now, isn't it?
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