October 11, 2016

Life Lately | 4

A few days ago was interesting in terms of companionship! Glad that I am surrounded by these people on a daily basis. I am winning!

We watched Barcelona movie at Vox Cinemas. Yes, we had to wear black just because! The movie was great - it was not just a plain romantic movie and all that cliche but there were also family and personal issues. I can relate as well with how they portrayed the life of overseas Filipino workers. I was not expecting such a great story line so I think it is one of the best romantic Filipino movies to date (at least the ones that I have watched.)

When one of your friends is stressed at work, you all go listen to her rant over a bucket of chicken! That's what we did a few weeks ago. We wanted to play bowling however a highschool kiddo approached me and asked if we want to play billiards. He gave us his ticket to the game! We didn't even ask why he does not want to play anymore!

Spent a humid afternoon with my family at Box Park! Despite the sweat, it was nice to see how they designed the containers for each restaurants and/or stores! There was this craft store that I wanted to visit but I did not because I don't want to spend money on paper again. Hahaha

Yesterday was so spontaneous with these girls again! We had dinner by the pool and swam into the pool without changing clothes. Hahaha good times.


  1. I love this! promise! got so inspired by you to express myself as well in writing! well done!

    1. Awesome! Keep writing, Celes! :)


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