October 15, 2016

Hagonoy Island, Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Hagonoy Island is part of the Britania Group of Islands in San Agustin, Surigao del Sur, Philippines. We got the chance to visit it on July 2016. The weather was permissible as it was a bit cloudy in the morning however the rain did not pour down throughout our trip. In fact, we got a full sunshine when we started sailing! Perfect!

The images were taken with my brother's DJI Phantom 3 drone and my Fujifim XT10. I am so in love with these shots especially the aerial images. The thing about aerial images is that it captures awesome shots and makes you think how small we are in this beautiful world!

This island has a powdery white sand and is surrounded by clear waters. I must admit some people are too irresponsible to leave soda bottles around. I don't get why they don't bring their trash with them when they are surrounded by such an amazing albeit small island! Shout out to those people who posts on social media about their journey towards a beautiful destination and how much they love the place and taking selfies left and right but does not care to bring their shit with them. You guys are such hypocrites. Ooops sorry not sorry!

Look at our happy faces! Heehee~ I remember we were running like kids at recess time towards the island when we docked the boat! It was too beautiful to not jump and run around, pictures here and there, swim and swim even more! I must say despite seeing plastic bottles of soda (which really makes me mad every time I remember it lol), it made me happy to sea shells, fishes and sea urchins! I was very fond of these things back in my childhood~

Of course, we have to grab each others faces when we take group pictures. I lost this time. Just this time. ;p

Yay! One island down, three more to go :)

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