September 3, 2016

Acantilado, Samal Island

I went back home on July this year and had a good three weeks vacation. My first weekend adventure was spent with my college friends at Acantilado, Island Garden City of Samal!

Francis, EIleen, me, Carlo, Don, Adrian and JP
We left the city with all smiles at around 9ish am which was supposed to be 7 am if only Carlo woke up earlier! Hahaha

There is no entrance fee in this area. You just have to go there, park your car, enjoy the breeze and the view, and jump off the cliff! 

Samal Island is like my second home. It's the closest place I'd go to if I want some adventure. I guess all Dabawenyos would say the same!

At the tip of the cliff. 

We spent almost half a day in the area and decided to drive to Canibad (on the other side of the island). We kind of got lost going there but it's fine as long as our favorite songs are played on the stereo! Good times. I honestly miss everybody. :)

Good times, crazy friends, amazing memories!

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