August 23, 2016

Life Lately | 2

It's three weeks since I came back from vacation and feels like life has been too slow since. It's probably because I was having too much fun (and almost no sleep at all!) during my three-week vacation back home.

It was heartbreaking to leave home again but I thought that I needed to be away so I can learn to be independent. There are still so many things yet to accomplish over here.

So I'm back in Dubai surrounded by tall buildings and strangers.

But I am glad to have a few people to spend time with. My roommates, a few friends, family friends, and family! I'm thankful that they're just around. I could not imagine life without them around in this city. 

There's nothing else to write about my life lately although I know I have to write about my vacation back home! More to write soon. x

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