June 24, 2016

Ice Breaker #10: I was once mistake for...

Somewhere in Old Dubai area
I was once mistaken for a serious person. Well, not just once but I think most of the time. It's probably because I talk less and (most probably~) I have a bitchy resting face. Plus include my casual mood swings that has nothing to do with anyone but myself alone. (Sorry not sorry!) 

It's funny how people start to think that I am mad when I am not. It mostly occurred during college when my block-mates would just keep quiet and look at me and say sarcastically that everyone should shut up because I am already annoyed when in fact I was just staring blankly at something random and thinking about food. From then on I have been aware of how would people think about me but that did not last long. I never cared what other people think of me by the way I normally look when all my facial muscles are relaxed. It's just how I am - that's what makes me me! :p

My close friends would know this better.

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