June 3, 2016

A Pattern of Life

You wake up in the wee hours of the morning on a weekend and thinking you deserve more sleep. Most days of your week starts at 6:30 am, dreading the get up to shower so you stay 15 minutes longer in bed, with closed eyes hoping the clocks were wrong. Until your time is over and the alarm seems to slap you in the face and you are ready for the day. It's a routine. So waking up hours before the usual time on a weekend seems to be wrong. Until your mind tries to wander around and you start to contemplate on things in general. Or, overthinking.

Are you happy where you are? I guess so. However, when someone asks me that question, I think twice. And it's okay to think twice when you are asked life questions like this... I guess. How are you coping? Are you satisfied with your life right now? How are you?

I can never be satisfied at 25. There are things to be experienced and done for the better and upcoming years. There is that thing that always makes you crave for more... it's like trying to grasp everything you can and experience it in one whole year. You think you're done but there are still more and it goes on and on. 

However your body, mind and soul can only carry enough. Just enough for you that your ego could not accept. It's difficult to manage but manageable.

Not quite sure where this thing is going but I know for sure that -- I don't wanna go nowhere fast. I wanna visit places, slowly.

Now go back to sleep.

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