May 4, 2016

Thoughts on my first year work anniversary

Today marks my first anniversary at work. I didn't realize it until my boss mentioned it. It's weird how I was so excited yesterday that I am going to be one year at work today... And on the very day, I completely forgot about it. Nothing exciting happened on this day except that I cooked Lo Mien Beef with Broccoli however I still could not make something that is exactly as nice-looking as the pictures on the internet. It was definitely exciting from the start and ended up feeling okay about myself for not being very good at cooking. Nothing is perfect after all!

So anyways, one year... Wow. I remember asking myself how I am after a year of finally paying my own bills and doing actual adult responsibilities. you know, those serious and boring things~ Well, so far it has been fun to actually manage my own money. Keeping track of my money seems exhausting task to do but I look forward of doing my "accounting" on a weekly and monthly basis. I think I can say that I am proud to be frugal.

Work-wise, it has been very good. I can not believe a year has passed already. Exactly a year ago today, I had very little idea about how the company I worked for is all about. Until I learned... a lot. It's a very interesting company to be in - I feel lucky to be working there and proud of being part of it! There are so many things to learn and that means more knowledge and experience. For sure, I can say my work adds a little spice to the overall quality of my life in general.

Life abroad? Bittersweet. For sure, I miss home so much but I still think I am given an opportunity to know the outside world more. It's exhausting for an introvert like me to actually get out there but I manage. I always am open to new experiences and friendships. 

Overall, I am doing good! Looking forward to another year or maybe more years to come! 

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