May 2, 2016

Playlist: Tunog Kalye 1


Eraserheads Fruitcake
Rivermaya Bring Me Down
Parokya ni Edgar Sampip
Wolfgang Center of the Sun
Put3ska Manila Girl
Francis Magalona Girl Be Mine
Barbie's Cradle Goodnyt
Sugar Hiccup 5 years

I am feeling nostalgic right now and so I decided to create a short playlist of songs that I loved since I was young. Thanks to my brothers who introduced me to rock music since I was a kid. :)

A letter to self:

Remember the times when your favorite place in the house is your father's office on weekends? Because you can freely use the computer and play all of your favorite songs through that black and neon green software called Winamp (then later on you found it interesting to change the skin every night). You would sit in the computer chair and turn on the speakers to its highest volume and you're day has been made! Those were the days! Simple joys filled with mostly music. No wonder you like to sing even though you're not too good at it.

On most days, your favorite mode of entertainment was mostly the television however there were times when you would spend hours and hours just listening to the radio - every radio station. You used to have a list of telephone number for each of the radio station from 88.3 Energy FM to 107.1 NU Rock. Haha, remember the time when you just wanted to greet on-air and the DJ asked if you could answer his question about that damn underarm roll-on then you can greet on-air. You never went to claim your price! You were 8 years old then.

I am surprised that you're not working in a radio station after all that interactions such as greeting on-air, requesting songs, participating on radio topics, befriending a DJ all the way from Manila (NU Rock 107 DJ Andy) -- I remember she told you in a text that she was tired but still working on late nights. 

Thanks to your brothers who have a great taste in music. They are the ones who introduced you to what you think are the most sensible music ever. :)

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