May 9, 2016

Life Lately | 1

It was nice to be out for lunch with my teammates. My Fettuccine with Meat Balls is from Carluccio's, Marina Mall. 

Enjoyed too much of the photo booth with my colleagues at the Arabian Travel Market opening party at Rixos The Palm on a Sunday night. The loudest Sunday night I have been to in Dubai so far. 

Eating ice creams and taking naps with my sister Rachel and her husband Melbert at Mamzar Beach Park.

Trying to burn some calories as well these past few days... since the food that I almost eat everyday is fattening (or that's how I purposely think about it!)

Winding down in the evening with a cup of tea to relax my chaotic mind (sometimes~)

Watched two movies so far with my roommates -- Jungle Book (April) and Huntsman (May). I think we are doing it as a monthly activity!

 So far it has been a good life lately. How's yours?

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