March 11, 2016

Ice Breaker #8: examples would you like others to follow about you?

What examples would you like others to follow about you?

Honestly, I am not comfortable in telling everybody to follow this or that just because I do the same things. It doesn't work this way and things have different effects for everybody else. However, I would love to give ideas to my nephews and nieces that being simple is the key. It's a process to minimize everything in your life. There are periods in this lifetime that we gain too much things that we don't even need in the long run. And, from my own experiences so far, it is normal to feel that you are carrying a heavy load thus you feel disorganized. Don't fret though. Think about it as an opportunity to downsize everything. Be creative in doing so. Then you'll enjoy minimizing the noise and you won't even feel guilty in guarding yourself away from dysfunctional stuff.

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