March 20, 2016

Musandam, Oman Dhow Cruise

The first and memorable cruise yet. I went with Rittie to Musandam, Oman for a dhow cruise. It was very relaxing except that we were with (what felt like) 40+ other strangers (which I don't enjoy much at all; introvert alert!) This is the very first "adventure" thing we've done and were very excited for this since we both love going to the beach and we miss the Philippines so much.

It was an easy adventure and we packed light, stayed in one corner and enjoyed the views. We also met fellow Filipinos on the cruise which made the journey extra fun!

We stopped near the shoreline for lunch. And hop on a banana boat ride -- which was extremely exciting, scary and fun! Honestly, I was a bit dizzy after all the activities we've done. This is the first time that I got sea sick -- guess I am getting older now (ohnoes!) So I just stayed in one place and enjoyed the views going back home!

We were entertained by the birds flying around trying to get some food! Plus, the afternoon sun was very nostalgic. It made me miss home so much!


We were supposed to go fishing however the sailors did not approve of it since the waves were being too tricky. So we just sailed all the way back home. Took pictures and stayed near the bow of the boat just because!

The view was so majestic! Would love to go back again and spend another day sailing. It felt so good to be around mountains! Ahh, missing home so much!


March 12, 2016

In loss I find peace

In loss I find peace

Trying to look for a reason
why I left is like
trying to find the perfect
way to walk towards heaven.

I never left
to find supreme bliss.

As I walk farther each day,
it seems my baggage has
lessened. And the burden
I carry in my heart has

Somehow in loss
I find peace.

March 11, 2016

Ice Breaker #8: examples would you like others to follow about you?

What examples would you like others to follow about you?

Honestly, I am not comfortable in telling everybody to follow this or that just because I do the same things. It doesn't work this way and things have different effects for everybody else. However, I would love to give ideas to my nephews and nieces that being simple is the key. It's a process to minimize everything in your life. There are periods in this lifetime that we gain too much things that we don't even need in the long run. And, from my own experiences so far, it is normal to feel that you are carrying a heavy load thus you feel disorganized. Don't fret though. Think about it as an opportunity to downsize everything. Be creative in doing so. Then you'll enjoy minimizing the noise and you won't even feel guilty in guarding yourself away from dysfunctional stuff.

March 8, 2016

Tour of the Stars mix

Hello, internet! I kind of miss making mixtapes for you (just kidding, for myself only! cos who cares about my music taste?!). I believe that my taste in music has become so boring -- this has probably something to do with age? I remember I used to enjoy listening to Eminem!

Anyways, I have been listening to this mix after work (with a cup of coffee/tea in hand). It's kind of romantic and dreamy. Please find time to relax and enjoy the melodies :)

March 4, 2016

The Friday Currently Vol 3.

Al Barsha at night

Reading: A magazine page about the discovery of gravitational waves... I may not understand everything about it but it's kind of exciting to read something very scientific in the news these days.

Listening: Bring Me Down by Rivermaya

Come on now tell me
Would it be a better day for you
If you bring me down?

Thinking: if my decisions in life, in general, are taking me to a good path. Or should I take a detour and reorganize everything again?

Wishing & Hoping: I could finally brush off my fear and book a ticket and travel on my own this time, this year! We need to face our fears, sometimes.

Wearing: Summer dress in blue that I got from the flea market a month ago!

Loving: the fact that I still have tomorrow as my rest day. ;p

Wanting: to get a body massage.

Needing: another cup of coffee (also, rice and salmon patty that I cooked yesterday -- yummers)

Feeling: a bit sick. Probably, the change of weather. Summer is almost here! Woot! Woot!
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