January 22, 2016

The Friday Currently Vol. 2

Mandala art for today from The Mandala Coloring Book by Jim Gogarty

Reading: 'Places I want to visit someday' list in an old red Field Notes notebook. It's funny how I dedicated a whole notebook for this list alone. It's funny how ambitious I have been for years. It's funny how I still keep it around (and probably will add more cities/countries!)

Writing: Coloring, rather. Mandala art for an hour. while having coffee and listening to soothing music.

Listening: Come Here by Kath Bloom. It's such a sweet old song from the movie Before Sunrise. 

There's wind that blows in from the north. 
And it says that loving takes this course. 
Come here. Come here. 
No I'm not impossible to touch I have never wanted you so much. 
Come here. Come here. 
Have I never laid down by your side. 
Baby, let's forget about this pride. 
Come here. Come here. 
Well I'm in no hurry. Don't have to run away this time. 
I know you're timid. 
But it's gonna be all right this time.

Thinking: about riding a train for hours with a view of nature (and with less people). Where should I go to make it happen?

Wishing & Hoping: that I may achieve what my heart really needs and wants.

Wearing: a green summer dress. With somewhat like mandala art patterns.

Loving: the calm and cold morning that I spent outside just before sunrise.

Wanting: to be simply near to what my heart has been longing for years...

Needing: another cup of coffee!

Feeling: a bit warmed up! There's something about waking up and taking a walk outside just before sunrise.

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