January 2, 2016

The Friday Currently Vol. 1

Celebrated New Year's Eve in Business Bay to watch the firework display at The Burj Khalifa -- kind strangers happily asked us to be part of our group picture so there you can see our happy faces!

So I am starting this 'series' in my blog called: "The Friday Currently". It's familiar for some people who write on their personal spaces as "The Sunday Currently". Since Sunday is a work day for me, I am thinking of doing this (hopefully for a long time!) on Fridays... if I have something to write about. ;)

Reading - Thanks for The Memories by Cecilia Ahern. My roommate received this as a gift although she has not read it yet. She asked me to read it since she thinks I eat books. I have started reading a few pages already and it helped me get through a 45-minute train ride. So it should be good. We'll see.

Writing - 3 new goals. I started this habit last year. Probably the time when I was bored with my very detailed to-do lists. I thought it would help me better to write down the goals I want to achieve (not for the year, could be within a week, month or so) - to focus on the goal and to go with the flow with the details, be flexible and spontaneous.

Listening - Here by Jenny Banai.

I do not remember the former things 
Nor do I ponder old days gone 
Now it will spring forth, something new 

Rivers in the desert, the wilderness sings 
Unaware am I surprised by this dream 
Come forth are the waters of life that you bring 

If you're here than I'm here 
so close 
When I'm far and he's near 
I know 
Just being here, inside and beside it is so clear 

Distance has created the room to close 
In the heart of the valley the river flows 
Don't be far from me my mountain song 

The grey scale alone has darkened tones 
But endless colours we can know 
My hope in true love remains in my soul 

If you're here than I'm here 
so close 
When I'm far and he's near 
I know 
Just being here, inside and beside it is so clear 

Fear cannot reside in endless love my home 
Throughout all of time 
perfect love remains my dear here

Celebrating - The stillness of the new year. Last night was fun and loud. Now it's time to wind down and listen to songs that bring calmness to my heart, mind and soul. Cheers to the new year!

Thinking - About how far I have become. The changes that took effect... the spontaneity of life. I do not remember all the decisions I made last year but I am glad to know that the decisions I made somehow brought me where I am today.

Smelling - My coffee.

Wishing - for an exciting 2016! :)

Hoping - I could start travelling on my own; to face my fear.

Wearing - Red jacket, blue shirt, black jeans, and socks. Baby, it's cold inside. :p

Loving - the two weeks I am off from work! Today's my second to the last day of vacation and definitely looking forward to go back to work on Sunday.

Wanting - to start with my Mandala Art coloring book that I got from my Secret Santa (ate Rose).

Needing - another cup of coffee!

Feeling - a bit mellow. January 1st always make me mellow remembering the times when holidays were spent altogether in our home!

Clicking - Jenny Banai bandcamp site. Her songs are beautifully written and the melodies are comforting.


  1. Hello Debie Grace, just wondering how you are doing lately. So happy to see you adjusting in well. I can imagine, yes, Fridays are synonymous to Sundays. Have a wonderful 2016 and go for it, seize the moment and book those solo travel plans. :)

    1. Hello Arni! Thank you for checking on how I am coping up in your old place! Haha Everything's good with me! Hope you're doing well over there. ;)


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