November 28, 2015

Ice Breaker #7: What expectations do you have for yourself that were borne from childhood?

I don't remember much of my childhood expectations however I have always known that I want to have my own garden (when I have my own home) with all kinds of flowers, all hues of green, butterflies here and there... yep. I still live in a fantasy world sometimes.

As a kid, I mostly spent the weekend afternoons in my parents' garden. I treasure those memories forever in my heart and will be forever grateful for my parents for creating such a place I won't find anywhere else in the world. Yes, there are beautiful gardens anywhere else in the world but it's a different story (and a special one) when you actually have a garden that you call home.

Yesterday, we had a BBQ night at my colleague's home. I was pretty excited about the food and company but I honestly wanted to see her garden.

It made me smile when I saw her garden. I was reminiscing my childhood years while walking around and intently looked, smelled and touched the flowers! It made me think that I will be the kind of person who would tend a garden in her 40's and so on.

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