November 7, 2015

Missed Connection: What's your shampoo?

It all happened after waiting for 8 hours in Changi Airport. We finally checked-in the boarding area of flight SQ 494. I sat right next to my sister; you sat on the opposite side. I was about to read my book when I noticed you looking at me (not in a creepy way). And right before I opened my book, you asked me what shampoo do I use for my hair. I was not sure if I heard you correctly so I gave you a friendly "question mark" look.

You stood up and sat right next to me and asked the same question, "what shampoo do you use for your hair?" You wanted to straighten your hair and make it shiny. I think it's always better to go natural but then since you asked if there's any way you can achieve such hair, my sister told you about different procedures that you can ask from a hair stylist.

It was your first time in Dubai as well. And you went to visit your husband. You told me you live in Australia and how you love it so much that you showed me random images in your smartphone. You showed me the mountains and the beautiful scenery like you know me from the inside. Honestly, you made me homesick right there but that's fine. You sat back on the opposite side doing your thing and I started reading my book and watching planes take off...

It's been 10 months since that flight, I wonder how was your first vacation in Dubai? I hope it was fun! I hope you did not straighten your hair though since you're good with your natural hair.

That was weird and spontaneous but thanks! Thanks for approaching, at least we killed some boredom. :)

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