November 17, 2015

I'm Grateful For

I am grateful for a lot of things. Specifically for today, I want to write about the people whom I am very grateful for -- The people I met in this new city that I am in. I have met a couple of people who seemed like they hate the world but I have also met those who are absolutely happy inside. No matter the situation is, there is that spark of light inside their heart and they let you feel that everything is going to be alright.

The people who sing their hearts out. Those who are very passionate about what they believe in which keeps me motivated to do the things I love -- and not question why I do so -- just because my heart wants it.

The people who never thinks sadly about the situation that they are in. Life goes on. Bad things pass by and so do good things. Keep it balanced that way as long as it isn't so bad. The funny thing in this city is that, the problems common people stress about is not as bad compared to where I came from. The difference between what they call 'first world' and 'third world'. It's funny sometimes.

The people who are calm. The beauty of calmness. It's just a beautiful thing. Being calm is also accepting something as it is. These people remind me that to appreciate the beauty of something, acceptance is the key. So accept whatever it is, however it is.

The people who are cheerful. These people remind me to take things lightly and sometimes comically. I mean, we do not want to live life seriously at all times. Don't forget to be merry and make others laugh! You know, as cliche as it may sound, laughter is the best medicine.

I am grateful for everyone who came into my life actually. They shaped who I am today somehow. And honestly, even though I have been through a lot of bad situations, I still love myself for not giving up. I would not exist if not because of the people who surrounded me and those who are still around. So thank you. I am so grateful for you! :)

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