June 21, 2015

Let it be

Let It Be -- this song has been stuck with me for years and I'm glad for its existence. First of all, thanks to my brothers for being such cool rock stars -- they play The Beatles everywhere from then and now! I'm influenced by these good bands and learned good lyrics that actually guided me and calmed me down for years in good times and in bad times. There are only a few songs that speak wisdom and this is one of them. I find myself singing this song in my head sometimes when I feel like I couldn't get around something. It calms the shhh out of me. There's a beautiful imagery in my head whenever I sink myself into such melodies. I see our simple & happy home! It's perfect because those were great years hence the calming effect. ;)

So anyway, I honestly was not so sure about bringing myself here where most people live in buildings instead of having a good backyard & a garden. It's totally the opposite from where I am. As I was adjusting to the kind of lifestyle here, I was looking for signs or for any thing actually to make me feel calm. There's my sister, her husband, my cousin, a few family friends but there's something missing -- something that would keep me moving on. I didn't see it right then and there but when I saw this coffee cup at one of the malls we've been to, I thought that this was a good sign. I was not being too cheesy -- or maybe I was! -- but it made me smile and somehow thought I should give this kind of lifestyle a good try.

So, for now, I live in Dubai for most of the time but Abu Dhabi feels home to me. It's basically because my family is there. And generally when I ask some people, they'd say life in Abu Dhabi is easy & calm.

I remember when I was still studying in the university, I wondered how would it feel to be away from home and studying. My friends would go home on weekends to their hometown which is around 5 hours or so away from the city! Now I understand that travel time does not really matter at all for as long as you reach home & be with your family. Such a great feeling.

It's great to see life unfold itself for me without expecting much. I know it will be alright as long as I have a handful of positive light in my heart. I'll just let everything flourish and unfold its beauty. I don't know exactly the point of me writing this... but I am just grateful for this day, for this life.


  1. Exactly! I wish my family lived close enough for me to see them every weekend, I'd totally travel for 5 hours every Friday to spend a few days with them. It's hard to live far away.


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