June 12, 2015

I hope I have the courage to do so!

I always wonder how it is to be courageous. I adore people who are very courageous in their every day life and I always wonder, how do they do that? How do someone maintain that power to be strong so they can face the challenges every hour of the day? They say you need to be brave to have courage to face your fears. It's true but no human being can endure that -- even heroes have their downtime.

So far, I can say that I may have been brave in doing little things such as going to work every day, being productive at work, going home from work. My life revolves around work and then some. I am grateful for this and I am not complaining. I wanted this in the first place. Living abroad does not mean I get all the leisure any time I want. I need to work in order to grow and experience life with all the fruits of my labor. I remember when I was still looking for a job, I told my family that I want to be busy. Life heard it clearly and slapped me in the face. All is good.

Having all these things in my mind, I can probably say that all human being are courageous by nature. We all are. Add a little inspiration, drive, and goal and we are all set to face the day. This is just to remind whoever stumbles upon this nook that you are courageous; always push yourself forward. And sleep.

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