May 29, 2015

What have you learned so far this year about goals and moving forward?


So far, life has been good to me. Five months in and I have a fair share of highs and lows. It's interesting to look back to the past months: from New Year's Day to now and watch the blur become clear and vivid. It's nice to see things unfold themselves.

Last night, I had a talk with my co-worker, who was having a good glass of Heineken, (and me having a Dr. Feel Good (!!) Mocktail) about her life here in Dubai. It was nice to know she has been independent here in Dubai for 8 years starting at the age of 22. Life's good for her -- she had her highs and lows, too. Like all of us. I am inspired by how life unfolded to her now as she is a happy woman.

As for me, at the age of 24, from the moment I received my first salary (away from home!), I knew it was going to be different in a sense that I will be the one to manage my money. I will be the one who will pay my own bills (fixed expenses), needs/wants (variable expenses), and make funds for the future (savings). It's exciting for me because I have always been wanting to do some money management because I think when you know how to manage the money you earned, you are allowing yourself to be a full grown-up -- which is what I actually aim for ever since I bid farewell to my beloved home.

My learning about goals and moving forward? It has always been the same general thing: focus. But now it comes with small details such as knowing my fixed and variable expenses, choosing between quantity over quality and vice versa (because both works depending on the situation), asking myself "do I really need this", having a plan on saving for something I want to do (e.g. sky diving, traveling).

It's exciting how life reveals itself and sometimes surprise you with things you never thought would happen. What's more exciting is that there is always something new to learn and challenges to overcome every day.

May 9, 2015


I did not know
the meaning of
all the things that
life had to offer me
until I lay still
on my single bed,
looked back through
the years,
and realized that:
every little thing
that happened before
-- including the strange things --
makes sense now.

Everything happens
for a reason.
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