April 11, 2015

The Magic Thread

What I like about having a free time wandering around the internet is that I get some chances to stumble upon interesting things such as a photo (or a series of photos) that evokes something familiar, uploaded videos on my subscription box in YouTube from my favorite channels (mostly about weird facts such as: Vsauce!), new music from my favorite bands, to name a few. Yesterday, I read a short story entitled: The Magic Thread, which is just an excerpt from a children's book called The Book of Virtues by William J. Bennet. I haven't read a book since January (a.k.a. I'm on a book coma! help!), so I figured that a short story should be an easy one! 
"Peter, what are you dreaming about this time?" his teacher would say to him.
"I'm thinking about what I'll be when I grow up," Peter replied.
"Be patient. There's plenty of time for that. Being grown up isn't all fun, you know," his teacher said.
The first dialogues caught my attention so well because Peter is just like me. I always think ahead. I've been told a lot by my sister about that and says that it is such a negative trait. I couldn't see how negative it is until I have read this story.  I see the point now. Everything shouldn't be thought in advance. It's more like letting the things move their ways, naturally. As I read through the story, by and by, I realize that the character talks about my life recently (or maybe my entire life yet!). The story means so much as it progresses. 
"Your magic ball is a wonderful thing. I have never had to suffer or wait for anything in my life. And yet it has all passed so quickly. I feel that I have had no time to take in what has happened to me, neither the good things nor the bad. Now there is so little time left. I dare not pull the thread again for it will only bring me to my death. I do not think your gift has brought me luck."
It becomes so inspiring at the end, which mainly talks about: Patience is a Virtue. I honestly thought I knew what it meant exactly (hello, I'm 24 years old, I am old enough to understand things!) BUT I WAS WRONG. Maybe I wasn't absolutely wrong. But I needed an eye-opener to such a cliche.
"I should like to live my life again as if for the first time, but without your magic ball. Then I will experience the bad things as well as the good without cutting them short, and at least my life will not pass as swiftly and meaninglessly as a daydream."
 I don't want to compromise my life by taking advancements in all things. This is what I have been told for a long time and yet I didn't see the point. But somehow through this short story, I get it. Maybe I have been too rough on myself. Maybe it's time to be smooth in all things. Let's get back to one, dear self. Let's take another path way. :)
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