March 3, 2015

Ice Breaker #6: New Year 2015

It's the first time in a very long time (13 years?) since I saw fireworks display bursting beautifully in front of me amongst others. The Burj Khalifa and its adjacent buildings were bursting colorful farts to celebrate the new year and people were so happy; individually shouting their happy emotions to see such beautiful farts. Including me. Happy New Year, internet! I know it's late to greet but, as cliche as it may sound, it's better late than never! :)

We stayed at Business Bay. We were lucky to find a good and comforting spot that is near a comfort room, a store, restaurants, and people can walk freely. I can imagine how it was like in Dubai Mall although you'll have a perfect view.

Here are some highlights during that night prior midnight:

1. "Pare! Pare! Pare! 2005?!", shouted the middle-aged Indian guy referring to our 2015 glasses that we wore while walking around Business Bay.

2. "Happy new year!", said the cheerful Arabic girl who walked towards me with my 2015 glasses on. I replied back to her, joyfully, "Happy new year, too!". A fleeting but joyful moment.

3. "Where you buy?", asked the beautiful Arabic woman as we were walking towards Spinneys. I said, "In the Philippines". She got very excited and thrilled upon hearing it and said "I want one!"

4. All those smiling faces staring at us while we were walking around the area. It felt good to be silly for a while!

5. A series of 'wow!', 'oh-sum!', 'wooo!' among other terms of excitement and amazement as we watched the fireworks display at Burj Khalifa and its adjacent buildings.

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We had a simple celebration after the fireworks. We just ate honey cake, red velvet cupcakes, a platter of assorted fruits, and some soda. Some chit chats... then we decided to sleep in the car.


We woke up to a freezing early morning. It was 13 degrees Celsius outside. We had to walk so fast to enter the building to feel warmth. It was a good night! Happy new year, everyone. I hope all your resolutions will be done this year, if you have some! :)

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