March 7, 2015

First weeks in Dubai, UAE

Here are some photos I took during my first weeks in Dubai, UAE. I arrived a day after Christmas Day with my sister. We spent days around the city. It's a very diverse place! I am excited on what's ahead. :)


I finally saw the tallest skyscraper: Burj Khalifa. Also, we witnessed the dancing fountain!


The sun is bigger here! Awesome.


Inside the Dubai Mall is an aquarium. I would love to visit it soon.


Then there's the Burj Al Arab. 

I have been to Atlantis, malls, other places. I am looking forward to seeing more of Dubai and the other Emirates. I have been to all emirates (via road tripping) except Fujeirah. So I am looking forward to visit it soon as well. I am very excited on what's ahead. :)


  1. I just took a sneak peek and wow, you're in Dubai! :)

    1. Hello Arni! Yes, I am. Unfortunately, you have just moved out. What a bad timing! I was looking forward to (maybe!) meeting you here. I wanted to send you a message months prior to my travel but I didn't wanna be a creep (that I am lol). :D


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