February 10, 2015

In-transit: Changi. Singpore to Dubai.

I left Davao City, Philippines on Christmas Day. Arrived at Changi Airport on the same day and stayed overnight roaming around inside. On the next day, I traveled for 8 hours from Singapore to Dubai with my sister. It was my first flight abroad and so it was full of thrill despite the lack of sleep.


My sister and I tried to visit all the nice spots inside the airport. Aside from visiting shopping stores, we visited different kinds of gardens including the cactus/succulents garden. It was nice to see different kinds of succulents! Unfortunately, though, we didn't get to visit the Sunflower and Butterfly garden! Another reason to come back to Changi for a tour. Haha I love that the airport itself is a destination!

Aside from meeting different nationalities wherever we went, what excites me most is actually talking to some them: (1) The Chinese girl who took photos of the large bouquet of Mickey and Minnie Mouse golden balls which later on I asked if she wanted a photo of herself taken by me. She generously offered herself to take a photo of me and my sister as well. (2) The cute Japanese couple who were alternatively taking photos of each other. I offered to take pictures of them with one of the tallest Christmas trees inside. (3) The Indian Family who were curious about how the foot massage machine felt like. And lastly, (4) the Indian woman from Australia who was on the same flight with us. She asked what I use on my hair. She thought it was shiny and healthy. Heehee~ she also shared about her life in Oz and showed me photos!

 In flight, I read a book: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith. I was able to read the introduction and was fascinated by how Betty is. I have yet to read the book soon. If there weren't any entertainment in the plane, I would have probably read it but I was curious to watch Transformers 4 and listened to Taylor Swift while looking at the window.


Our plane safely landed in Dubai Airport at around 8 in the evening. I had a mix of emotions about being in a different place. Excited of what lies ahead... it was a beginning of a new journey in life! Thank you for this opportunity, Kuya Mel and Ate Aking! :)

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