February 27, 2015

You’re still figuring stuff out, and that is OK.

As much as you would want to go back to live a life you have known so well, why don't you try to use that time to get to know a different kind of lifestyle. It does not take a month or two. Not even a year, I suppose. Even though sometimes you feel that people are looking at you differently and might be angry at you because you don't know what they know. You’re still figuring stuff out, and that is OK. Move forward. Don't stop moving forward.

February 20, 2015

Alone With My Own Thoughts

I had forgotten how beautiful it was to be alone with my own thoughts. And every time I think about the things that I used to do, the more I miss home. I miss my sanctuary. My old self. I remember coming home from school or work feeling blessed to have a peaceful place welcoming me and reminding me to take it slow. Everything is so different now. I keep telling myself that it's okay to think about my then-self but a part of me wants to say adios and move forward.

I remember a few nights before I left. I was in the terrace at night looking at the starry sky. It was a peaceful and cold December night. The sea breeze touched my skin as the palm trees swayed to and fro. "I'm going to miss this place", I whispered as I stood looking at the neighborhood. Then I came rushing down towards my room, locked the doors, sat down and cried. "I'm going to miss this place big time".

Tears fell down my cheeks so rapidly that I couldn't stop making sorrowful noises. It was such big tears. I was the saddest of all. Then, I stared at my ceiling wondering how my life will be. If I could say something to my then-self, I would say that things are not as exactly as how you are thinking right now but not opposite either. Life is entirely different but not as bad as you think it would be. However, cry if you must please.

This is a journey of an entirely introvert walking towards a road that seems to be too loud to adopt but trying to learn how to roar. In a nice way.

February 10, 2015

In-transit: Changi. Singpore to Dubai.

I left Davao City, Philippines on Christmas Day. Arrived at Changi Airport on the same day and stayed overnight roaming around inside. On the next day, I traveled for 8 hours from Singapore to Dubai with my sister. It was my first flight abroad and so it was full of thrill despite the lack of sleep.


My sister and I tried to visit all the nice spots inside the airport. Aside from visiting shopping stores, we visited different kinds of gardens including the cactus/succulents garden. It was nice to see different kinds of succulents! Unfortunately, though, we didn't get to visit the Sunflower and Butterfly garden! Another reason to come back to Changi for a tour. Haha I love that the airport itself is a destination!

Aside from meeting different nationalities wherever we went, what excites me most is actually talking to some them: (1) The Chinese girl who took photos of the large bouquet of Mickey and Minnie Mouse golden balls which later on I asked if she wanted a photo of herself taken by me. She generously offered herself to take a photo of me and my sister as well. (2) The cute Japanese couple who were alternatively taking photos of each other. I offered to take pictures of them with one of the tallest Christmas trees inside. (3) The Indian Family who were curious about how the foot massage machine felt like. And lastly, (4) the Indian woman from Australia who was on the same flight with us. She asked what I use on my hair. She thought it was shiny and healthy. Heehee~ she also shared about her life in Oz and showed me photos!

 In flight, I read a book: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith. I was able to read the introduction and was fascinated by how Betty is. I have yet to read the book soon. If there weren't any entertainment in the plane, I would have probably read it but I was curious to watch Transformers 4 and listened to Taylor Swift while looking at the window.


Our plane safely landed in Dubai Airport at around 8 in the evening. I had a mix of emotions about being in a different place. Excited of what lies ahead... it was a beginning of a new journey in life! Thank you for this opportunity, Kuya Mel and Ate Aking! :)

February 8, 2015

A Tiny 'Hello' From The Mid East



I am here to write a little about my life recently -- not the entirety of it, just a glimpse -- my life in the UAE. You see, I've never written anything since I moved out of the Philippines on December 26th, 2014. I may have written some things in advance until February though because I had a writing spree before I left my nest for ten years. Crazy. Crazy because I don't know if I am sane enough to write nice things because, honestly, there are a couple of not-so-nice things which I should have known even before I moved out. Life here is the opposite from what I am used to. Maybe it isn't the right time to write about the particular things yet.

I am happy though because I have the opportunity to wander around a new place which I hope would lead me somewhere even more crazier. I want to grow up. I want to be independent; to be responsible about my self, my bills, my food, my decisions and stuff~ I have no artsy things to do and share for now. I have a book waiting to be read but I couldn't find time therefore I have no book reports to write about for now. I have no recipes to make and to share for now. No postcards and letters for now. I have no other interesting things to write for now. I can just write words and show some tourist photographs though for now.

But these things will change... for sure. I can't wait to be stable and do the things I used to do and discover new hobbies to write about. I can't wait to write about the nice things.And a couple of not-so-nice things as well. I am glad for this big change. It made me cry a lot of times to leave home but life should be in a constant change so I embrace this opportunity wholly. 

After a month, I could say that I am still in the state of comparing things between home and here. This place is always awake and days pass by so quickly. I am trying to run along with the city's speed and I guess I am almost there. 


February 5, 2015

Value: quality vs quantity

Money reputation. This is what I learned the day before my flight to Singapore then Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, it's the sign I think that God has given me after having completed my Novena for safety, guidance, employment in another country. I've never been out of the country so I had to trust God everything because I couldn't find anything or anyone to uplift me and give me strength and encouragement to work abroad and restart from there.

No one understands everything that is happening to me for years. It's not like I asked for attention but it could have been easier if there was someone who could listen to me and hug me again and again. I just needed my self and God's guidance.

I needed a push, a concrete push, that will help me to be a hundred percent sure that I am ready to face a new challenge in life which is to go abroad, work there, live my own life. I didn't want to leave my birth place but I realized that no one values me as me. Every one values those who has a lot of money in their hands. The ideas, opinions, the power... no one values mine because they rather listen to those who have too much even though you care deeply for them. So, there goes the sign that I thought God has given me. I needed to find a place where I need not to mingle those who don't even respect my being. But I'm afraid because I know when I get there, in a place where everything is new for me, I still have to build a foundation for myself. But I thought that is necessary if I really want to start over and push myself up and think that I have a value in this world.

These people, most of them, probably are materialistic. Too bad I trusted them too much I forgot to be cautious. However, I'm glad that I've learned this and take it as a sign given to me from God. So my wish for this New Year is to have a humble amount of people who will value me as me.

I valued them with quality, but they valued more those who have quantities.

February 1, 2015

The Boy and The Crow by Brendan Walsh

Another Young Adult book for my shelf: The Boy and The Crow by Brendan Walsh. The author sent this a year ago in exchange for an honest review. So here it goes...

Readability: It is easy to read from start to finish. Needless to say, the plot is not too complicated. There were a lot of twists and turns in this book which I think added a 'wow factor' for me. I didn't find any quotable quotes that I can relate to but, in the end, I somehow learned to love the story because... I'm an animal lover! I just love any story that involves human and animal good interaction and connection with each other.

Character Development: Yes. The story started out with Daniel being with wrong guys, being thrown into the farm with his grandparents as a punishment, hated being in there, learned a few things, learned to live a new life. So along the way there was clearly a character development for the protagonist.

Visuals: I was captivated with the visuals at the end chapters of the story. Especially with those scenes where a murder of crows were in action. It was splendid!

Overall: It's a very nice story to read. Although the plot is very easy to manipulate for the author, it was kind of inspiring somehow because that's how life is. We get into trouble, get punishments, distance ourselves and then finally find ourselves transformed for the better. Easy read! A good read!
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