January 16, 2015

That Falling Star

I have always been fascinated by the heavenly bodies that at some point in my life I wished I could be an astronaut or an astronomer. Stars make me wonder all the time. Seeing them makes me feel easy for a while and reminds me that it's an amazing world. Somehow, whenever I look at them or even just a glimpse, I forget about my troubles -- a heavy breath, a smile. I remember back in 2012, I wrote all the astronomical events in my calendar and patiently waited for a show in the sky. I didn't see anything at all ... ever since. The earliest memory I can remember looking at the clear evening sky was when I was around 7 years old. I was singing Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are? I remember it so well. It was so vivid.

I was quite satisfied with the same stars I see. Though I hope I could see the northern lights and wonder if I will ever see a falling star in my existence. Life surprised me one night while I was in the terrace talking to my cousin Romel and family friend Jak-jak. We were sitting under the clear evening sky. When I unintentionally looked up to my right and saw a falling star. It disappeared just when I exclaimed its existence! It was so bright and beautiful. Also, magical. It was a magical night. I also made a wish.

That night, I felt very special for seeing such a beautiful and simple event in the sky. I am very glad for that little connection that made my life even more meaningful. I always think that I haven't figured out everything yet but maybe I am looking at it in the wrong way. I don't really have to figure out everything in this world. Just like a falling star, my life is also fleeting however bright and meaningful.

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