January 4, 2015

Ice Breaker #5: What is the best gift that you can give to yourself? Why?

A lot -- if we talk about material things, there are a lot. If there are no boundaries and money is not an issue, I would go crazy choosing just one best gift or gather everything in this world in a box so I could just choose that box for me. But I am not hungry for physical existence of things that would probably disappear and their meaning would most probably won't matter in, let's say, two years or so.

The best gift that would matter right now, aside from all the abstract & positive things out there, I'd give myself the risk of living on my own. I know that would not happen right away but, as for the moment, that sounds just right. If I haven't said it enough in my blog, I have been packing my things and categorized them as 'to donate' and 'to keep'. It sure is very difficult to do it. I can't count how many times I've cried. Twenty-four years of living in this home was lovely. I've had the perfect childhood, crazy high school life, challenging college life... there were a share of happy and sad days. I know everyone knows what I feel right now because all people go through this phase where they just have to give themselves the freedom to live on their own. I am excited and I am constantly reminding myself to be fearless. Because I want to believe that everything is going to be alright.

I choose this gift not because I know it is going to happen but I know that I needed this push to level up my life. It's not a fancy gift, at all, but I know it is going to give me an entirely different twist in my life story.

***Thanks to my sister Rachel and her husband Melbert for being the medium for this big change.

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