January 28, 2015

1 of 25 Things

One of the things from my 25 of things to do for my 25th year is to plant at least 8 trees. Well, I am glad that I had the chance to plant 22 trees before I left the Philippines! We planted 17 trees in Lamanan Calinan and 5 trees in Malagamot, Panacan.

Trees planted in Lamanan, Calinan:
3 Calamansi
3 Mango Florida
3 Mango Apple
3 Mangosteen
2 Guava
2 Avocado
1 Jackfruit

Trees planted in Malagamot, Panacan:
2 Lanzones
2 Mangosteen
1 Durian

I shared this fun activity with my family (Ate Rachel, Manoy Junjun & Cousins: Kuya Danny and Romel).

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