December 11, 2014

Ice Breaker #4: Which of your parents' rule do you appreciate the most? Why?

All I can do right now is to remember the good old days with my parents when they were still alive and when I was young & in my early teens. As far as I could remember, my parents were not strict with their rules. Though I may give an answer and write aggressively if I were still young and full of teen angst and say nothing bad because those years weren't really rough. But as an adult, who understands motherly and fatherly things sometimes, I know that they just did their duties as parents. I am thankful that my parents aren't crazy parents. Mama just used her hands to spank my butt (and sometimes she'd twist a part my skin but it's my fault anyway for making her super duper mad I guess). Hehehe.

I don't remember I followed a very strict rule at home. It was just full of happiness despite how poor we are :) My favourite rule is probably: to always clean our garden first thing in the morning. I appreciate it because at an early age, they taught me how to be responsible with regards to cleaning my surroundings. Also, I talk to my parents' plants... because Mama said plants listen to stories and it makes them bloom and grow beautifully.

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