November 28, 2014

Overnight Sensation by Hal Eisenberg

Finished reading Overnight Sensation by @halacious1! Thanks for the good and easy read, sir. Four stars out of five Also, thanks for these bookmarks and guitar picks which are very useful to me because I have lost mine through the years. More so for the letter... if I were to win the world lottery, I would give you a share so pray for it! Haha Anyway, it is fun to read something that teleports me back in high school -- forming a band, practicing, 'can we really pull it off?' moments, stage fright that slowly fades away when you start playing! We had the time of our lives haha! Thanks #GoodReads #FirstReads
When I received this book in the mail, I got super excited and super curious to read it. Looking at the cover made me think and assume that this will definitely bring back the feelings back in high school when I was all about that bass. I mean, I was part of a band and playing along with my friends (seatmates!!!) back then probably is one of the best memories in my life so far.

This book is an easy read. It's a page turner because it makes you crave more about what will happen next. The story is so unique and every words all clump together to make such a great visual! I like the story and especially how it ended. I think the ending was quite epic! It's such a light and easy read. Very entertaining. :)

Thank you Good Reads First Reads!


  1. Extremely delayed response - Thanks very much for your kind words about my book!
    Hal Eisenberg

    1. You're welcome, sir! Keep writing. :)


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