October 1, 2014

Missed Connection: Dr. Mickey Mouse

I won't have any idea what or how a doctor's life is somehow until I have worked for a health care institution for six months. It all started when I had my examination to check if I am fit to work. There were no doctors except you in the outpatient department. The nurse asked if you can spare a little time to check my eyes, heart beat, etc. I get nervous every time I get a check-up. My heartbeat pounded so fast... I thought I am going to fail the test. You asked me which department am I going to work in. I did not get it at first probably because I am so conscious about the things you're writing on my paper while checking my vital signs? But you re-phrased your question and I answered in the IT department. You just nodded then proceeded to write.

Then I started working and whenever I saw you around, I always stared at you (at least for what seemed like 5 seconds). I felt like a creep. Well, I was a creep. It has been two months since my last duty in the hospital but I can still recall the moments that I have seen you around. 

1.) The day you walked in front of me while I was sitting in the waiting area. Those dark circles around your eyes mean you have been working for more than a day, I guess. 
2.) The day I was walking behind you while I was on my way to the office. You looked back and caught me looking at you. I proceeded to walk the other way just because.
3.) The day when we met each other in the elevator. I entered and pushed the 5 button. As the door was moving to close, I heard someone running towards me so I pushed the open button and there you were... smiling and looking at my shocked face. You pushed the 3 button and stood behind me. I did not make any facial movement so you won't see from the silver door but I was laughing inside. 
4.) The day you passed by the office and gave me your clearance. That was the last day we have met.
5.) Some other days when I saw you buying bread or soft drinks... Heehee.

I can not say that I have a crush on you but I felt nervous whenever I see you. It's probably because I am scared of doctors. But you're not the kind who scares me so... I wonder if you passed the exam? You probably have... so congratulations, doc! :)


  1. Anonymous2:18 AM

    Oh... I hope that you will see each other again one day? If you are meant to, the universe will arrange for it to happen. Believe me.

  2. Hello Debie Grace,

    Anouka and I have been reading each other's blog for over a year now, and in one post, she featured a postcard which she got from you..and she mentioned that you're from the Philippines? Is that right? I rarely see Philippine bloggers who don't blog about fashion so I got curious and checked out your page. I'm from the Philippines, and though I wouldn't normally approach a Filipino when I'm travelling, I get excited to see fellow Filipinos on blogosphere :)

    This post made me smile. Just reminded me of so many similar memories. Haha. I went to pre-med school (but shifted to Communication) so I know how it felt to be crushing on a medical student or practitioner. So cute. Hope you see each other again :) Have a lovely weekend!

    Chinwags and Tittle-Tattles

    1. Hi Chin (? hehe),

      Thank you for the acknowledgment. Just like you, I am very excited to find a non-fashion Filipino blogger (at least, not too focused on it) on the internet. It's probably because I like to read more about their stories, opinion and stuff that I can read during free time. It's like, well, somehow, magic... to read a person's "diary". I am not really the kind who is so into fashion heehee. But I do adore fashion at times, too. :) Anouk, just like everyone else, has interesting stories to tell so I enjoy reading her blog. I just checked your blog and I am following it now. So, sorry in advance if I get creepy sometimes~ Haha!

      Thanks for this short letter. I really appreciate it. :)

      Debie Grace


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