October 3, 2014

Ever more sensitive to the noises of the world

Through the years, I have stumbled upon thousands and thousands of music via radio, TV, internet, everywhere. Some songs are good, some are okay, some are fine, and some are blah. Some I adore, some I can still sing along to, and some that I barely know the lyrics to but still try to sing it because I don't know why. Most people nowadays say they wish they were born in the past when music was genuine, inspiring, and full of passion. Of course, I agree with that -- I love oldies! Music is better back in the days but there sure are a few of musicians out there who still writes very good lyrics, passionate about music, plays very well, and just plain awesome. One of them would be Linkin Park (Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Dave Pharell, and Joe Hahn.) These guys are my -- somehow-- savior through the years. From Hybrid Theory up to The Hunting Party, each songs speak to me somehow. These people were there to deal with my teenage angst and these people are still here to help me understand and mature. I know you think this is ridiculous but their songs helped me through a lot of emotional stress. I've never been too vocal about them (not enough, I guess) but I listen and watch them over the internet to feel fine.  They've been here in the Philippines twice but I never really had the chance to go because the venue is too far from me. Soon... I hope! If I were to be asked what is my favorite song of them, then I would probably say all. I can't pick my favorites because all of their songs are perfect for me at least.

Lately, I have been listening to Iridescent mainly because there have been too many heavy feelings in me that I want to let go. It's such a powerful song. It makes me cry~

 I love you, guys. Thank you for the music! You guys are a great part of me. :)


  1. Music is really powerful. When my heart is heavy this song always lifts me up: http://youtu.be/8YiBrLrYfb0 it speaks to my soul :) and I cry over it too.

    1. Do you listen to Hillsong United? Their songs are beautiful, too. :)

  2. Music is very powerful, I call it the universal language. You can connect with someone through your favorite song or band.


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