September 8, 2014

Thoughts before embarking on to another year!

I patiently waited for the clock to strike 12 midnight (and see if there would be any magical changes to happen -- who am I kidding? My soon-to-be 24-year-old self! Ha!). While waiting I wondered, how would this year be like? Being 24 must be challenging for me especially now that a certain thought has been lying in my head for a period of time just waiting to be solely addressed. I knew that I seriously need to practice being independent because life is going to be way too opposite from how it was in the past years. I need to be on my own. Honestly, I've been trying small practices such as taking responsibility to manage, make, and save money. I never knew it would get too exciting. And as the number of digits grew, I couldn't help but get twice as excited as I was just starting. I never wanted to take out all the money I have.

Now that I am in search of another job, I have been making plans on how to invest. It's going to be a new adventure for me. Things are going to be kind of  messy but for sure it's fun. Planning to have a full-time job and an online craft shop could be a good idea! But then again I'm open to more ideas soon. The mission for now is to find a new job for a stable income!

Minutes before midnight, I realized how different my goals are compared to the past years. How timely. I feel like all grown-up. It feels good and scary! I can't remember contemplating over these things at least in my college years. I had big dreams, probably bigger than these, but my dreams right now are all about building a foundation for those crazy bigger dreams! Feels like starting over but this time more justifiable. I don't know how my colleagues are working on their lives... they have probably figured what they want in life. That's good!

Now the clock says it's a new day.... another birthday for me. My 24th birthday. This is it. 24 is going to be a different surprise and I will make it a fruitful year by building a foundation and making quests for life! Happy birthday, self. :)


  1. Anonymous2:55 AM

    Happy Birthday! Wishing you only the best - you deserve it. Thank you also very much for the postcard. I received it last week and it was a lovely surprise. I will feature it in an upcoming blog post. What about my London card? Have you received it yet? I really hope this one didn't get lost in the mail too...

    1. Dear Anouk, thank you! I am very glad that you have received my postcard. I hope you like it ;) Anyway, I have not received any postcard yet. I should probably check the post office. Maybe they have not distributed any letters in my district yet. Hmm. I hope it's not lost though! Will e-mail you once I received it, hopefully!

    2. Anonymous11:34 PM

      OK, thanks for letting me know if you get it... but I find it a bit strange that it would be the second postcard to get lost :(

    3. Yes, it MUST be stuck at the post office! *crossed fingers*


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