September 19, 2014

The One Hundred Year Perspective

"In one hundred years, none of us will be here, not in these lives, in this form. We will leave traces, stories, cells, words, our actions and effect on others passed through people we met who met people who met people, through our children to their children's children. We will be known as the greats and the great-greats, if we are known at all." -- Jena Strong, The Inside of Out.
It's been a year since I finished reading The Inside of Out, which was sent over through mail by the author herself, Jena Strong, and her thoughts are clinging in me still and forever. I told her I was going to make my own version of her One Hundred Year Perspective, but I could not make my words and feelings stumble together because she has written it all down -- she has perfectly written it all down.

This is something I can read over and over. It always reminds me that we are just here for a moment, for a long yet short stretch of time. Everything matters but in the end it only matters in our generation. We are going to vanish and so do our doings but some leave marks, hopefully, good marks, in the hearts of the young.
"In one hundred years, this moment will be long forgotten. But we are here, delivered into its fullness. [...] Even then, there is a lengthening, a savoring of the brevity, this quick lifespan, this breeze between downpours, the atmosphere heavy as if deep in thoughts no one else can hear. And there is really nothing to do but sigh, and sleep, knowing that a radical change will occur overnight: a new day."
We don't know when we'll vanish physically in this world but as long as we're alive please make it a good life. The time we have is limited, short, just a snap... however, make that time matter, at least, in your lifetime.


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