September 29, 2014

Postcard Collaboration: Postcard # 7 (Hautcharage, Luxembourg)

Red Wedding Shoes
Occasional poetry: D.G. Bersabal
Photograph: J. Utz

Black and red are the colors of the day.
One denotes strength, the other denotes
love. Black and red are the colors
of the day. IT means strong love,
tight bond, forever and ever.

*postcard sent to A. Kalmes

UPDATE: Ms. Kalmes sent me a photo of the postcard!

September 27, 2014

Postcard Collaboration: Postcard # 6 (Mstow, Poland)

Circle poem: D.G. Bersabal
Photograph: 7ns

Your journey through life
does not always happen
on a wide and flat road.
Sometimes you have to
walk on narrow
and rocky ones
to find its meaning.

(written as a circle poem) 

*postcard sent to S. Boral

September 25, 2014

White and Dark Chocolate Cookies

This recipe is written by a french guy (who drinks beer on weekends, lol) and sent over to me! Also he said in verbatim,  "if you want to discover the unknown france, the france not shown in tourist tours, you should go with the only guy in france who doesn't like wine." I don't know what he's trying to say but I think he wants me to tell the internet that he's ready to date anyone who wants to travel in France. Haha! Anyway, here is what's written on it:


125 g butter (I used unsalted)
90 g white sugar
90 g brown sugar
1 bag vanilla sugar (I used 1 tsp vanilla syrup)
200 g flour
1 egg
90 g white chocolate in chunks
90 g dark chocolate in chunks

Mix butter, white & brown sugar, egg, and flour
Add the white and dark chocolates
Make balls a teaspoon size

(Makes 18 balls. )

I am happy with the result. It was crunchy outside and soft, well, no... chewy inside. I actually made a mistake. I just noticed now that I used two eggs instead of one. *facepalm* But it was very good nonetheless! Hahaha! He gave me three recipes to make and I will try to make the other two. It's my first time to bake so there would probably be a lot of mistakes including this one but the point is to learn baking. Excited to bake more!

September 23, 2014

If we keep going back, I guess we're never getting anywhere.

Do you ever think of the years that has passed? I do. In fact, for the past days, I've been pretty much drowned in my old memories. It's all I ever think of. They make me smile and wish I'm still in every moment. Then there are those really bad moments that I wish I did not do at all. But what can I do? They are forever instilled in my memory. Unless, of course, I get amnesia...

Anyway, I've been reading some online stuff a lot lately and here's something that struck me the most. 
“I will not hold the past against myself.” – Your problems, your weaknesses, setbacks, regrets and mistakes teach you if you’re willing to learn, or they will punish you if you’re not.   So let them teach you, every day.  Take everything as a lesson learned.  If you regret some of the decisions you have made in the past, stop being so hard on yourself.  At that time, you did your best with the knowledge you had.  At that time, you did your best with the experience you had.  Your decisions were made with a younger mind.  If you were to make these decisions with the wisdom you have today, you would choose differently.  So give yourself a break.  Time and experience has a wonderful way of helping us grow and learn to make better choices today, for ourselves and those we care for. -- Marc and Angel
I agree about dwelling with regrets. They just become regrets weeks, months, or years after we decided to do them. In the present time, they probably were the best decisions to make or at least. But after a while, when we think about each moments in our lives, each decisions we made, we can't help but point out the "regrets" which definitely makes us feel bad about ourselves. Most of the time, when I'm in that situation, I honestly feel so bad that I get depressed and feel like I'm such bad at life. But if you really think about it, there is no point dwelling on it at all... the point is, we know what we have done. The "best decision" as of the moment could become something we'll regret years after. We will never really know. That's probably how life goes... We make the best decision not knowing how it would seem five years from now, you might regret it later but there is no point on going back to it because if we keep going back, I guess we're never getting anywhere.

September 21, 2014

The Postcard by Tony Abbott

My eight-year-old self would find this story amazing. It's basically about a kid finding a mystery through an old postcard. It's well-written and very intriguing. I like the thrill it gives especially in the last chapters of the book. I love postcards (which is why my sisters brought this for me when they saw it in a book sale) so I was curious about the "mystery within a mystery" story. The Postcard by Tony Abbott is a fun, thrilling, intriguing, and easy read!

September 19, 2014

The One Hundred Year Perspective

"In one hundred years, none of us will be here, not in these lives, in this form. We will leave traces, stories, cells, words, our actions and effect on others passed through people we met who met people who met people, through our children to their children's children. We will be known as the greats and the great-greats, if we are known at all." -- Jena Strong, The Inside of Out.
It's been a year since I finished reading The Inside of Out, which was sent over through mail by the author herself, Jena Strong, and her thoughts are clinging in me still and forever. I told her I was going to make my own version of her One Hundred Year Perspective, but I could not make my words and feelings stumble together because she has written it all down -- she has perfectly written it all down.

This is something I can read over and over. It always reminds me that we are just here for a moment, for a long yet short stretch of time. Everything matters but in the end it only matters in our generation. We are going to vanish and so do our doings but some leave marks, hopefully, good marks, in the hearts of the young.
"In one hundred years, this moment will be long forgotten. But we are here, delivered into its fullness. [...] Even then, there is a lengthening, a savoring of the brevity, this quick lifespan, this breeze between downpours, the atmosphere heavy as if deep in thoughts no one else can hear. And there is really nothing to do but sigh, and sleep, knowing that a radical change will occur overnight: a new day."
We don't know when we'll vanish physically in this world but as long as we're alive please make it a good life. The time we have is limited, short, just a snap... however, make that time matter, at least, in your lifetime.

September 8, 2014

Thoughts before embarking on to another year!

I patiently waited for the clock to strike 12 midnight (and see if there would be any magical changes to happen -- who am I kidding? My soon-to-be 24-year-old self! Ha!). While waiting I wondered, how would this year be like? Being 24 must be challenging for me especially now that a certain thought has been lying in my head for a period of time just waiting to be solely addressed. I knew that I seriously need to practice being independent because life is going to be way too opposite from how it was in the past years. I need to be on my own. Honestly, I've been trying small practices such as taking responsibility to manage, make, and save money. I never knew it would get too exciting. And as the number of digits grew, I couldn't help but get twice as excited as I was just starting. I never wanted to take out all the money I have.

Now that I am in search of another job, I have been making plans on how to invest. It's going to be a new adventure for me. Things are going to be kind of  messy but for sure it's fun. Planning to have a full-time job and an online craft shop could be a good idea! But then again I'm open to more ideas soon. The mission for now is to find a new job for a stable income!

Minutes before midnight, I realized how different my goals are compared to the past years. How timely. I feel like all grown-up. It feels good and scary! I can't remember contemplating over these things at least in my college years. I had big dreams, probably bigger than these, but my dreams right now are all about building a foundation for those crazy bigger dreams! Feels like starting over but this time more justifiable. I don't know how my colleagues are working on their lives... they have probably figured what they want in life. That's good!

Now the clock says it's a new day.... another birthday for me. My 24th birthday. This is it. 24 is going to be a different surprise and I will make it a fruitful year by building a foundation and making quests for life! Happy birthday, self. :)

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