Postcard Collaboration: Postcard # 3 (Lille, France)

Tanka Poetry: D. G. Bersabal; 
Film Photography: A. Zigante
                                                                 There you are standing
                                                                 so precious in a green field
                                                                 with droplets of dew
                                                                 around your two closed petals.
                                                                 Behold your awakening.

*postcard sent to A. Zigante


  1. Aurélien1:03 AM

    Booooohhh!! It's not the text I got on my card! :P Hahaha

    1. Sorry, my bad! But heyyyy I told you I was going to edit it. I just couldn't find time to use a proper computer these day and, needless to say, I was absent-minded while making these posts! Hahaha


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