August 28, 2014

Ice Breaker #3: Self-control is love's strength.

1. What type of partner would you choose for yourself?
     Someone who is patient, hardworking, imaginative, open-minded and has a positive outlook in life.

2. What do you dislike about failure? What can you learn from it?
     It makes me feel so bad about myself and it makes me think that I don't deserve anything in this world
     at all. Exaggerated, I know, but that's usually my initial reaction. After that, I'm good. I accept every
     failure I get and I won't commit the same mistake/s again.

3.  Self-control is love's strength.
      I think self-control is a factor in every good relationship. It is being able to control what you want to
      do and work on what should be done instead. It is being mature. For me, one should practice
      self-control for one to completely love himself or herself because a person without self-control
      is like a house without walls. It's one of the factors that builds a good character, personality
      and relationship with others.

4. What are your limitations and your potentials?
      I am not quite sure of my limitations and potentials because I still have so much to accomplish in life.
      Being young means to throw yourself out of your comfort zone and mingle in it for a long time and
      by then, when I'm comfortable at saying I have experienced a lot, I could say what my limitations
      and my potentials are. But for now, as silly as I may sound, my limitations would be not to enter
      one's life and command what they should do. As for my potentials, I could do everything that comes
      my way! Hahahaha

5. What is helpful to you in coping with stress?
     Listening to music. Not just listening but getting lost in it. There are a couple of songs with really
     great and powerful lyrics that I can get lost into. It feels so good and relaxing to listen to such
     great songs!


  1. Anonymous3:46 AM

    Hope that you will find the ideal partner for you!

    1. I have and I hope he is the one for me ;) Thanks!


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