July 22, 2014

Postcard Collaboration: Postcard # 1 (Greece)

Ideas come and go. Sometimes we think about them in a moment, for a second, and then forget about it or we think about it, deeply think about it, think about it more, and then try to allow its existence to the world. For countless times, I had made some of my ideas into the real world (discreetly, academics/work and other important things aside, like making small bookmarks with words of encouragement on them and insert them into random books at my university library. There are other things, too; you'd probably know them if you try to read everything in this blog which will cost you time so you don't want to do that!) One of them would be this collaboration with photographers all over the world. 


Back in 2012, I wanted to write a poem for each kind of poetry there is out there. At least ten. That was the primary idea. And then I decided to make a postcard out of them and send them to strangers. Then another idea popped in, supporting the primary, which is to collaborate with photographers and lomographers. So then I ventured through Flickr and Lomography websites. I selected five digital and film photographs that could be a great topic to my poems. As it is a collaboration, I did not just grab the photographs (also becuz ~duh~ dats bad!), I sent e-mails to the photographers about my fairly simple project. Most of them were delighted about it and very nice enough to give me their trust -- re their photograph and their mail address (!)  for they will receive the postcard version of their photograph along with my poetry about it.

Having gathered ten photographs, I already started writing my poems. It was not that easy though for I wanted to somehow feel each photograph so I can write about it. It was not a serious thing; I worked on it on my free time.  So it took me more than a year to finish them. Once I have organized the poems, I sent e-mails to my collaborators about the progress. I did not expect them to remember me, the stranger who wanted to shamelessly collaborate with them, but turned out they were glad about the news. Haha!

The positivity I got form their replies made a great impact on me. So I printed each photo and made my simple drafts on each postcards' designs on the back. I manually wrote each poem and a message of thanks.

Although it took me several months to make the small idea into the world, I did enjoy the time I spent working on each of them. Now, as of July 2014, I have sent half of the postcards to their respective owners. I am still waiting for the replies of the other half. I understand that it is not safe to give out your addresses to anyone on the internet. I might just ask them if they want me to give the postcards to my friends or to people from Postcrossing. So anyway there you go. It may have taken a long time to finish but I am glad I did not give up on that idea. Looking back, I can not remember what made me think about it but it sure does make me smile every time. And please don't judge me when I say: you are amazing, at least in your little world, self! You deserve a plateful of pizza!

I really like the thought of sending postcards to strangers all over the world. It gives me that sense of freedom to reach out other places and other human beings through my words in a form of a snail mail -- or for this matter, a postcard! 

So, here is postcard # 1:  A postcard sent to Greece

Diamante Poetry: D. G. Bersabal; 
Film Photography: V. Anastasiou

Serene, magical
Moving, soothing, enchanting
Deep, extreme, sanctuary, refuge
Far-reaching, far-ranging, blossoming
Photographic, territory

*postcard sent to V. Anastasiou

Update: Maria gave me a photo of the postcard I sent to her. She said the postcard is in her bookshelf and apparently guarded by a skull! Hahaha so cute!! Thanks again, Maria! :D

AWESOME! There is something magical and thrilling in making, writing, sending and seeing the postcard! At least, somehow, my words have carried its way to Greece! :D


  1. I think it's an amazing idea! Loved this "little" project of yours :)

  2. Anonymous4:30 PM

    What a great project! I hope that you can develop it further and maybe turn it into a publication.


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