July 11, 2014

Back to basics.

So, hi. I want to write about how my life has been for the past two weeks but that would be too long to recall so I'll tell you about the very last day of that two-week span which is today. Today was okay. It still felt weird to wake up knowing that after six months my routine on weekdays would be different but familiar. I just finished my casual employment as a junior system administrator. It was fun but I have other choices and decisions to make. So, here I am again. Back to basics. Today, I spent my mornings and afternoons sleeping. I slept in my bed and then on the sofa (while my sister was baking cupcakes!). I ate a lot. I get annoyed easily as well but that's probably because my mind is not ready to think about other things yet. It just wants to focus on what's going to happen next week. I've read that when a person sleeps a lot, that person must be dealing with depression. And somehow that's how I see myself as for today but I don't see it as a weakness. I'd like to see it as part of the process. I guess that's how it is. When you just left your job, even if you like it or not, there's that teeny weeny bit of loneliness. But it will just go away once you get to decide where to go after this.

I have my hopes up for something bigger. Something that will take me somewhere. I know there is something out there. I just know it. *Breathes heavily*. Let this day be gloomy and the rest of the night be the same but tomorrow will be different. Bring it on, life. I am ready.

Also, today, as I've said, my sister baked some cupcakes which probably is the highlight of the day.

The carrot cupcakes with chocolate droplets. :)


  1. Anonymous9:25 PM

    The cupcakes look so yummy. Well, I hope that after having left your job, you will find exciting new projects to focus on and that you are passionate about!

    1. Thank you! I'm praying and hoping for it :)

  2. Stay strong! Things will get better ,I'm sure.
    (Cham here, by the way. Lurking under a new alias. *wink*)

    1. Thanks, Cham! I know it's you lol kidding.


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