July 18, 2014

A postcard sent to Berlin

A couple of months ago I made a postcard for a fellow Postcrosser whose name is Nicole from Berlin. She likes hockey, coffee and writing among other things so I made a simple drawing for her. FYI I did my best~ :p She learned the Russian language when she was young so I wrote Kофе for coffee and Eishockey for Ice Hockey. Thanks to her, I now know two Russian words! :)

It's been a long time since I've had my postcard venture so maybe sometime soon I can make time for it. Long live snail mails!


  1. Nice that you took the time to make this postcard for your friend in Berlin! I'm sorry that my postcard from Luxembourg got lost on its way. I will give it another shot when I'm in London in two weeks.

    1. I would love to send you some if you want! :) And, yes, sadly it got lost or maybe I will receive it soon? I hope so! Yay for another postcard! Hoping it won't get lost though! Have a safe trip! :)


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