March 18, 2014

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

FIRST OF ALL: This is my favorite book of all time (!!). I need not to say a lot about The Hobbit because there's nothing else to say about it because it's so beautiful and I don't know how to elaborate my adoration for this beautiful book! --END

I figured maybe I should forget all the ~feels~ I have for this book and be relevant somehow, so...

Some points (which contain spoilers):

1. My favorite character would definitely be Bilbo Baggins. His movement of this character from being introvert to adventurer, this gradual change, the transformation, is one of the reasons why I am glued to the story. Every end of each adventure towards Smaug made him tougher, wiser, and a leader.

2. The flow of the story: light to dark. Which also drives Bilbo from being just a simple fellow to becoming a hero. Although Bilbo has no interest in the adventure itself, he actually made better decisions (with the help of Gandalf) than Thorin. I think.

3. Tolkien introduced each races with different moral characteristics but can easily be defined as good or bad. Those who are Good are fighting for the good (but some, like Thorin, are selfish and only seemed to fight for the good because of his birthright-- for the treasure alone).

4. The Gollum & Bilbo scene wherein they played the riddle game and when Bilbo, with the ring on, escaped from Gollum were, needless to say, one of the amazing (also, all sorts of funny, frightening, and exciting) parts of the story.

5. The feeling I get every after they leave a place varies upon the current set-up. Like, for example, when they left the place where they met the Trolls was comforting but then there goes another one. And another example is when they left Beorn's place and (kind of) knowing what lies ahead was kind of scary. The movement from lighthearted to serious to more serious actually makes the story very interesting for the reader, I suppose.

6. As the group comes nearer Smaug's lair, in the Lonely Mountain, the dwarves are becoming useless especially Thorin. This moves Bilbo to be wiser and heroic. Especially when he encountered Smaug for the first time.

7. Bard, the bravest among all the humans in the story, killed Smaug. I admit it was very surprising because in my head I have been thinking on how will Thorin or Bilbo kill Smaug. I was not expecting Bard to kill Smaug but I was joyful somehow that the fearsome dragon is dead. (So yay Thorin! Also, booo)

8. The heroism that Bilbo portrayed amongst other "good" people, the realization that being a hero always ends up with peace and not with lust for gold~, and the evil's power fades no matter how they deal with the good -- these are some of the points I learned from the book which reserve as a reminder not only in fantasy books but also in real life.

It's one of the most well-written story of all time and I am happy to experience being in Middle-earth for a month. It took me a long time to finish it simply because I don't want it to end so easily. :p

Let me talk about some things not with regards to the story but with regards to the book. I used to go to the Booksale a few months ago and I spotted a lot of The Hobbit books in the shelf for 180 pesos only. I would have bought this book if only the book has a 'more appropriate cover' (aka not movie-based covers) but I got tired of finding other book editions so I actually bought the one with a movie-based cover. But after a week, when I went back to the store, I found this beautiful and better edition and I felt so sad for not having it and mad for having bought the crappy one. To make the boring story short, the sales lady agreed to give me this edition instead in exchange of the crappy edition I had. SO YAY. This was 20 pesos cheaper but she said there is no refund but I didn't care just as long as I have a beautiful cover of the book I am reading. What is 20 pesos when you can't even appreciate the story more because of the movie-based cover? I know, I have book cover issues. Hahaha! 

Also, I found out that this cover was designed by Tolkien himself. So I am really lucky to have it even if it's a second-hand. The book is in good condition actually, no paper tears, no cuts, no losing pages, no folds, no pen marks, whatsoever. The paper is kind of old but that actually makes it more special. This was published in 1996. :)


  1. Anonymous4:33 AM

    I have never read any Tolkien - I tried The Lord of the Rings but I just couldn't get into it. Great that you enjoy The Hobbit. I may watch the movie if I get the chance.

    1. I haven't read the LOTR series yet but I've seen the movies years ago. They said it's more beautiful in the books. Anyway, I have yet to watch the second part of The Hobbit as well. In case you haven't seen the first one, it's a must-see! :P


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