March 16, 2014

Outin by Brandt Legg

Outin by Brandt Legg is the second book of the Inner Movement series. The story continues swiftly where the first book ended. It introduces a new setting, a new world, a dimension -- Outin -- wherein new things and a lot of discoveries were learned. Outin seemed to be a secured dimension where the characters could refresh themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically. A month in Outin is an hour in reverse time so they had a lot of time to heal, think, and reflect. With the help of Future Nate, Nate and Dustin learned about the four lakes: (1) Star Falls -- which helps conquer fear, (2) Floral Lake -- for nourishment, (3) Dreams Lake -- for dreams and fantasies, and (4) Rainbow Lake -- for some glimpse into the future. They spent 8 weeks in all four lakes and practiced their powers. Another great thing in Outin is the different windows where they can go to a place so easily. And so with the new safe place, the characters were able to strengthen their different abilities. Until Lightyear, the secret government group, found the same dimension where they were staying. Their journey continued as more and more complexities such as death and other matters were involved (including romance which I think will be expounded more in the third book I hope!). Deciding who to trust was now different. Outin turned out to be a chaotic place; an entirely different place to be in.

What I like about the story  is that it kept me wanting for more every end of each chapter. It kept me interested because of how the story evolved from less complicated to super chaotic adventure. It totally captured my curiosity about who is telling the truth, who is loyal, who is real. It is a great fantasy story to read. And I honestly had a lot of WHAT?!?! moments while going through it. So, I really enjoyed the story and I definitely recommend everyone who likes reading fantasy genre to give this series a go! 

Looking forward to read the third book entitled Outmove.

To add more, I would like to thank Mr. Brandt Legg for being so generous in giving me the second book. Congratulations for publishing such a story. Thank you, sir!


  1. Anonymous5:27 AM

    I like the cover. I haven't heard about this series yet. If only I had more time to read...

    1. It's a brand new series called Inner Movement! Check it out :)


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