March 9, 2014

Holga 135BC: Kodak ColorPlus 100 (April-May 2013)

Here are a few of my shots taken using Holga 135BC camera with Kodak ColorPlus ISO 100. These photographs are the only ones with better quality (somehow better rather, lol) out of 24 shots. Clearly, I am kind of bad at manual photography but I am happy with the results nevertheless.

I remember this shot clearly. I was with my younger cousin on the second floor of a fast food chain when we saw that helicopter passing by. It was bigger with our naked eyes (in other words, nearer) but it came out the other way in this photo. 

Early morning sunrise. One of the reasons why I enjoy doing laundry early on a Sunday is this. It's kind of relaxing; a recurring reminder to face another week with a fresh start and a light heart.

Blurry photo of a lavender Hydrangea  and my left hand with my personalized bracelet given to me by Eileen years ago. Among all the flowers I have touched and seen in person, this is my favorite. It is growing so beautifully in my Tiya Petra's garden.

If you can't tell (obviously), this is a shelf full of books. Mostly academic books. The last few months of my college life was spent in the university library amongst books.

Taken on another Sunday morning. This time my brother installed a wind turbine toy. Ah, summer breeze.

When I am eating alone in a place with big transparent glasses overlooking a part of the city, I take photos as much as I can (mostly of strangers, and cars, and the sky). One of which is this.

The sun was high, and so was I~

Finster building,  Ateneo de Davao University. Taken by my friend, who was curious about the camera, named Don. He is a photography enthusiast as well.

Twin coconut trees standing tall and firmly in the city.

My last months in Ateneo were spent here. Mostly in the afternoon while waiting for my class, I stayed here reading a couple of books which had empty borrower's card list. There were a lot. I wish I could have spent more time for them.

The famous dancing fountain at SM Lanang premier. My cousin and I used to spend some time here sitting on the concrete stairs and eating ice cream while watching it dance to the music. Also, looking at groups of people taking photos of each other in front of the fountain.

Which reminds me about taking self portraits of people for my next film journey.


  1. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Very nice photos! I like the effect.

  2. the imperfection make them even more gorgeous, loved them all!

    1. I thought so, too. Thank you, Dulce! :>

  3. Anonymous4:59 PM

    lovely pics. I like their grittiness!

    1. That's what I like about using film. Thanks, Petra!


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