February 21, 2014

Samal Road Trip

We spent the afternoon of January 23rd driving around the Island Garden City of Samal (popularly known as Samal Island). We went from Babak to Penaplata then to Kaputian and vice versa.


A view from the barge. That is one of the boats sailing in the sea that day. Behind that is [part of] Davao City.

There was nothing much during that ride. We did not mean to check in one of the resorts. It's just one of those random times where Kuya Mel wants some adventure. He just likes to drive around any place! Which is a good thing because we get to know some places, then-unknown cultures (e.i. like how the people live in this place, how they rock and how they roll!), new things! In short, it's like a school field trip. :)




This is the road going to a new subdivision site in the island. I have a bad/good idea about this though. Bad because I feel sad seeing part of the island go bald because of this. At home, in the city, we can see most of the island and back then it was mostly green but now, due to this big construction (and others), we can see its baldness. Good because it's a development where people can occupy. Let's just hope that the people who will live here soon will take care of their own private surroundings!

It was past three in the afternoon when Kuya Mel wanted to drink some coffee. So we were in search for a place -- a resort or a store --  along the rocky, muddy, and quiet road. Then we spotted a resort. The owners and other personnel were there but guests. So we went there walking around the area, taking pictures and drawing/writing pictures/names in the white sand. It was a nice beach resort to be in! But unfortunately, they have no coffee (or any food, I think) available that day. I guess they didn't have any expected guests during that day so they did not really prepare anything? Hm.


So we decided to move along and Kuya Mel brought us to a viewing site of the Malipano Islands. Similarly, the owner of the land was there and he informed us that maybe soon he will put up a restaurant in the place!

Along the road, my sister contacted her workmate from years ago. We visited their home at Babak and had dinner together with her sweet family.

After some chitchats, we drove back to catch the 9-PM barge ride going to Davao City. The wind was so cold that night so we decided to stay inside the car.

It was a good day well spent together with these people! It's my first time to drive around the city because usually I just travel there and stay for a night at a beach resort with friends. That day was different and it was a great experience being in different places in a short time. I am thankful for this short but great experience. :)

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  1. Anonymous8:57 PM

    This looks like such an exotic part of the world! Great photos; you're so lucky to have travelled there.


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